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Most people know that proper hand washing is the first line of defense against the spread of all types of germs and viruses.  Educational facilities, due to the sheer number of people interacting in public spaces, are especially prone to the risks associated with the proliferation of germs.  Something as simple as the floor selected in a school can make a huge impact on maintaining a safe, clean and sanitary environment.

Water, whether penetrating into a structure or leaking out, can lead to a number of problems. Water penetration into buildings can damage stored materials and equipment, and create potential health hazards. 

Some statistics put the number of indoor ice rinks in Canada at more than 2,500 – and as many Canadians know, where there are ice rinks, there are Zamboni's! These masterful machines resurface the ice and restore a smooth and glossy finish, but while they are repairing the ice, they can wreak havoc on ice rink facility floors.

The use of carbon fibre has become ever more prevalent as economies of scale mean manufacturing costs have declined, thus allowing the technology to become more accessible.  This has led to a cost effective and reliable technique for the strengthening of Concrete, Steel and Timber elements within buildings and structures.  Carbon Fibre Strengthening is now a widely accepted technique for seismic upgrading, locally trimming apertures and restoration of damage/load carrying capacity, including fire damage without adding significant load.

Check out how we can help keep your craft brewery safe from slip and falls as well as chemical & stain resistant with Stonhard seamless floors.



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