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The holiday season is a time to kick off your shoes, celebrate with loved ones, and take a well-deserved rest.  But as we all know, safety never takes a holiday – especially at Santa’s workshop!  To ensure that the elves, toy inventory, and entire workshop facility is safeguarded, Carboline and A/D Fireproofing Systems are always a top choice at the North Pole.

Even though Rudolf is one popular reindeer, the rest of the crew can be forgotten during the excitement and celebrations of the holiday season.  Santa’s Reindeer are the real power that fuels his sleigh and after a long cold night of leading the charge around the world, they deserve to come home to a safe and snug stable.

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, when the trees have been trimmed and mistletoe is hung, even the mall parking lot is all aglow – aglow with the headlights and brake lights of frantic Christmas shoppers.   

Is Santa’s kitchen on the “Clean List”? Sanitary and easy to clean spaces are a vital part of any food production facility, and Santa’s Kitchen, at the North Pole, is no exception!  While the elves are busy making special cookies and gingerbread men from Mrs. Clause’s Cookbook, Santa is always thinking of ways to make sure their workspace is clean and germ-free, including the wall surfaces.

Santa’s sleigh clocks quite a few kilometers on Christmas Eve and over time, those around-the-world trips add up!  The elves work hard to keep Santa’s ride in tip top shape – including tuning the skis, tightening the reigns, and using protective coatings to keep the metal from corroding.



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