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Is Santa’s kitchen on the “Clean List”? Sanitary and easy to clean spaces are a vital part of any food production facility, and Santa’s Kitchen, at the North Pole, is no exception!  While the elves are busy making special cookies and gingerbread men from Mrs. Clause’s Cookbook, Santa is always thinking of ways to make sure their workspace is clean and germ-free, including the wall surfaces.

Santa’s sleigh clocks quite a few kilometers on Christmas Eve and over time, those around-the-world trips add up!  The elves work hard to keep Santa’s ride in tip top shape – including tuning the skis, tightening the reigns, and using protective coatings to keep the metal from corroding.

Santa’s elves are the backbone of the entire toy making operation up at the North Pole, and ensuring their safety is priority number one!  Santa’s workshop is filled with heavy machinery, forklift traffic, and valuable inventory.  Damaged floor joints can lead to safety issues and operational inefficiencies for Santa’s little helpers if not kept in check.

After a busy night of delivering presents across the globe, Santa is bound to get a little tired.  But sleepiness can also lead to clumsiness.  Help keep Santa safe – install a ladder!

We have established that Santa could not achieve his annual Christmas Gift Giving Journey without some pretty intense preparation, but we can’t forget the invaluable support he receives from his team of trusty elves.  If not for those impeccable imps, and their devotion to their toy making craft, Santa would surely have an empty sack and a very light sleigh!



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