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Santa’s elves are the backbone of the entire toy making operation up at the North Pole, and ensuring their safety is priority number one!  Santa’s workshop is filled with heavy machinery, forklift traffic, and valuable inventory.  Damaged floor joints can lead to safety issues and operational inefficiencies for Santa’s little helpers if not kept in check.

After a busy night of delivering presents across the globe, Santa is bound to get a little tired.  But sleepiness can also lead to clumsiness.  Help keep Santa safe – install a ladder!

We have established that Santa could not achieve his annual Christmas Gift Giving Journey without some pretty intense preparation, but we can’t forget the invaluable support he receives from his team of trusty elves.  If not for those impeccable imps, and their devotion to their toy making craft, Santa would surely have an empty sack and a very light sleigh!

Preparation is also the most important first step to any successful flooring installation project.  Poor substrate preparation is a leading cause of flooring failures.  It is important to evaluate the substrate at the very beginning stages to avoid any potential problems or failures.  

When a leading pickle and condiment producer had corrosion problems in their facility, Carboline was able to fix issue without disrupting the processing lines. Read more...



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