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The chemical processing industry is characterized by a number of operations from basic petroleum refining to the production of high grade chemicals. Plant assets are exposed to chemical and corrosive attack, and reliability, safety, compliance and efficiency are key priorities. 

High Strength Requirements In Challenging Conditions.  Learn how we provided fast cure grouting solutions at a Canadian wind farm – click here!

Tough environments require the toughest flooring and lining solutions.  Chemical, abrasion and impact resistant seamless formulations protect against corrosive attack, high traffic and high temperature exposure.

Fibergrate has led the revolution in structural products, away from maintenance intensive metals and heavy reinforced concrete products, towards the use of advanced composites. Our FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) components are electromagnetically transparent, non-conductive and corrosion resistant, making FRP ideal for power market applications. 

The telecommunications industry faces a number of challenges including technology, competition, installation, speed to market and the ever increasing density of cell sites. Fibergrate has worked with cellular providers worldwide to develop standardized maintenance free screening and shrouds for the communications market.



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