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After the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, there is nothing Santa likes better than to retreat to his library, grab a great holiday classic, a cup of eggnog, and sink into his comfiest leather recliner. 

To avoid rising material and maintenance costs in your facility, proper floor selection is a key component.  Often, flooring projects are budgeted as inexpensively as possible based on upfront costs, but end up costing more in replacement and repairs over the long-term. 

When designing any interior space, acoustical performance is an important factor in every material that is chosen. Recently, Fritztile by Expanko's terrazzo tiles were tested for acoustical values and boasted scores higher than many of the most common "quiet" flooring options. Fritztile, brought to you by the StonCor Group, features a unique combination of beauty, hard surface performance and high acoustical ratings. 

Did you know that StonCor Group offers wide range of solutions for Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Construction Projects.  

While the garbage room is not the most appealing room in any commercial, residential, or industrial building, it is a vital area that needs protection.



Automotive  /  5
Education  /  11
Healthcare  /  5
Hospitality  /  1
Marine  /  0
OEM  /  1
Oil and Gas  /  2
Power  /  6
Recreation  /  7
Retail  /  0
Technology  /  0


April 2018  /  1
January 2018  /  2