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When Durham College opened the Centre For Food in Whitby, Ontario, Stonhard floors helped to enhance this unique space. Read more about this field-to-fork concept facility here...

When a leading Canadian wine producer was expanding their cellar, a Stonhard floor was selected for its performance and unique looks. Read more...

Brewing is one of Canada’s oldest industries and craft brewing is a side of the beer industry that is more popular than ever.  Craft brewing facilities can range in scale from extremely small operations to massive production, tasting and retail spaces.

Wineries have also become commercial facilities where tours can happen daily, and events such as weddings and other functions occur regularly making the aesthetics of the facility just as important as the performance features.

Not only is Mrs. Claus’ kitchen known for being “Christmas Cookie Central”, she’s also kept busy entertaining with holiday dinner parties all season long.  The one thing that would surely land Mrs. Claus on the naughty list is an unsanitary kitchen.  So, in addition to a number of festive season cleaning tricks, she also uses Sanitile wall coatings in her kitchen.

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