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Has a season (or many seasons) of salting, shoveling and plowing left your front entry concrete looking a little worse for wear? In addition to annual winter maintenance requirements, front entries take continual abuse simply from being outside, exposed to the elements of every season. UV exposure, freeze-thaw, de-icing chemicals and constant foot traffic are just a few challenges for this important first impression space. 

From sleighs to “TOY-otas”, indoor parking is a must in the North Pole, especially when the snow starts to fall and the winter winds are blowing!  Much like you and I, Santa and the elves prefer the shelter of an indoor parking deck, especially during the holiday season. 

There has long been debate about how exactly Santa gets down the chimney.  Some suspect he climbs using a grappling hook, while others prefer to think that he uses a little magic elf dust!

Santa used to dread the headaches that came along with maintaining all of the buildings he owns in Elf Village.  Ongoing problems and concerns with water damage, exterior coating failures and safe access to the rooftops were enough to make him cry out “FIGGY PUDDING” in frustration!

Parking structures are demanding environments that require unique protection and repair solutions.  What are some of the red flags you should be looking for when examining your parking structure? 



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