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Creating tile-like surfaces to protect walls and ceilings!  Sanitile delivers outstanding protection against chemicals and abrasion in a number of environments, including healthcare.  Find out why Sanitile is being used in some of the toughest conditions.

When a Canadian airport needed a solution to protect the interior and exterior of their new glycol vessels, Carboline answered the call! Learn how!

The power industry is diverse with each sector having its own set of requirements for corrosion control and aesthetic enhancement.  Nuclear power facilities require certified products for applications in the reactor containment building and application friendly materials for radiological areas, where minimizing personnel exposure is as important as controlling corrosion.

Wineries have also become commercial facilities where tours can happen daily, and events such as weddings and other functions occur regularly making the aesthetics of the facility just as important as the performance features.

Not only is Mrs. Claus’ kitchen known for being “Christmas Cookie Central”, she’s also kept busy entertaining with holiday dinner parties all season long.  The one thing that would surely land Mrs. Claus on the naughty list is an unsanitary kitchen.  So, in addition to a number of festive season cleaning tricks, she also uses Sanitile wall coatings in her kitchen.



Automotive  /  5
Education  /  11
Healthcare  /  5
Hospitality  /  1
Marine  /  0
OEM  /  1
Oil and Gas  /  2
Power  /  6
Recreation  /  7
Retail  /  0
Technology  /  0


April 2018  /  1
January 2018  /  2