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The Polar Express, a beloved symbol of Christmas spirit and hope, requires high performance protection to keep delivering joy and the ability to “believe” during the holiday season.

There are numerous components to every facility that create the building envelope, and while we have been focusing on many of the common interior areas, attention should certainly be paid to your building’s physical exterior, as well as the underground parking areas.

When people enter your facility they form an impression based on a number of factors including, lighting, aesthetics, and chosen finishes. A seemingly subtle but extremely important factor to consider is the acoustics of a facility.

Material selection is the most important general form of corrosion prevention. Choosing the correct material based on the environment decreases the amount of corrosion and lengthens the span of the equipment. 

Carboline to the rescue!  Challenges were presented with this project in determining a coating system that would accommodate the excessive moisture and humidity in the environment.  The tunnel is located in a vertical shaft and is directly under a pool and waterfall that allows water to run through the rocks and seep directly onto the steel liner.  A coating system was required that would be moisture tolerant and curable in cold temperature.



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