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Both require the perfect mix of form and function! Patio spaces are an important component to any golf facility and offer lounge, social and event space to compliment the natural outdoor beauty of a golf course.  

From sleighs to “TOY-otas”, indoor parking is a must in the North Pole, especially when the snow starts to fall and the winter winds are blowing!  Much like you and I, Santa and the elves prefer the shelter of an indoor parking deck, especially during the holiday season. 

If you think Santa’s Elves are born toy and treat makers with an innate ability to make all they touch merry and bright, you’d be wrong!  Training and a proper education are essential for “Elf Development” and rising through the ranks at Santa’s Workshop. 

According to all reports, Elf Bernard is the Head Elf at Santa’s Workshop, and we’ve heard that lately he’s been getting a lot of flak for some issues at toy making central!  It seems that all the little toy trains and balls keep rolling to one side of the workshop.

Santa used to dread the headaches that came along with maintaining all of the buildings he owns in Elf Village.  Ongoing problems and concerns with water damage, exterior coating failures and safe access to the rooftops were enough to make him cry out “FIGGY PUDDING” in frustration!



Automotive  /  5
Education  /  11
Healthcare  /  5
Hospitality  /  1
Marine  /  0
OEM  /  1
Oil and Gas  /  2
Power  /  6
Recreation  /  6
Retail  /  0
Technology  /  0


January 2018  /  2