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Parking structures are demanding environments that require unique protection and repair solutions.  What are some of the red flags you should be looking for when examining your parking structure? 

There are numerous components to every facility that create the building envelope, and while we have been focusing on many of the common interior areas, attention should certainly be paid to your building’s physical exterior, as well as the underground parking areas.

There are certain areas of a building where the need for performance based solutions outweigh the importance of stunning aesthetics.  Mechanical and garbage rooms, service areas, and kitchens would certainly fall into this category.

When people enter your facility they form an impression based on a number of factors including, lighting, aesthetics, and chosen finishes. A seemingly subtle but extremely important factor to consider is the acoustics of a facility.

It is commonly said that you have 7 seconds to make a first impression. Your building’s entrance, both exterior and interior, can speak volumes about your facility and business.  From cracked and chipped concrete walkways to worn and tired looking lobbies, StonCor can help ensure you don’t need a 2nd chance to make a first impression.



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Recreation  /  7
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