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The chemical processing industry is characterized by a number of operations from basic petroleum refining to the production of high grade chemicals. Plant assets are exposed to chemical and corrosive attack, and reliability, safety, compliance and efficiency are key priorities. 

Tough environments require the toughest flooring and lining solutions.  Chemical, abrasion and impact resistant seamless formulations protect against corrosive attack, high traffic and high temperature exposure.

When you think about a television studio, do you look down and consider the flooring surface? You should! Smooth, flat floors are essential for performance of high definition rolling cameras used in broadcasting.

A transit station in Ottawa, Ontario was undergoing a renovation project and required a strong, durable flooring system that could withstand heavy pedestrian traffic and environmental exposure.  This particular transit station is highly integrated into its surroundings with direct indoor pedestrian access to a large shopping centre.

When a packaging facility in Quebec underwent a large scale safety and organization program, Stonhard was called upon to help!  In order to ensure security between the workers and the shipping department, the customer required a two colour theme, separated by yellow safety lines.



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