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When a packaging facility in Quebec underwent a large scale safety and organization program, Stonhard was called upon to help!  In order to ensure security between the workers and the shipping department, the customer required a two colour theme, separated by yellow safety lines.

This new facility had improved its old capacity with a total production of 4,050 cubic meters of water per day, compared to the capacity of 1,035 cubic meters per day by the old water treatment plant.

Think of a recreation complex. Now consider the different areas, variety of uses and unique spaces that make up this type of facility.  These complexes can include: ice rinks, swimming pools, gymnasiums, fitness facilities, washrooms, locker rooms, meeting spaces, office, restaurants, food courts and more. 

A public elementary school was undergoing a renovation project and required a durable wall system to replace the existing coating. Due to the high traffic environment found in schools, the wall system needed to offer outstanding protection and also provide an attractive look.

A number of renovation projects will be happening in schools across Canada once the doors have closed for summer vacation.  The cafeteria is a high traffic environment that requires a high performance flooring system. Learn how Stonhard transformed a high school cafeteria into a visually interesting, easy to maintain space. 



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