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Deciding which type of floor to use in a school can be a difficult task. With many options to choose from, each with its own life cycle cost and performance features, it can be hard to know which option is best. 

Modular construction is a growing trend in the construction industry.  Although this method is certainly not new, advancements have made it a more common option for a diverse range of projects from hospitality and retail markets to multi unit residential buildings, and almost anything in between.

Recent trends in retirement home design indicate a move towards the use of higher end looking materials to create a modern, hotel inspired aesthetic.  CorkCore | LVT is a unique combination of Luxury Vinyl Tile and natural cork.  The result is a highly durable, quiet and easy to maintain flooring solution ideally suited to the multi-residential units, and common/social spaces found in retirement communities.

Facility managers and administrators face a number of challenges creating and maintaining healthcare environments.  Durability, safety and ease of maintenance are essential requirements in day-to-day wellness operations.  Often, timing is also a top priority and systems that can be installed without affecting maintenance schedules or interfering with patient care are vital.

When you envision a school, areas like classrooms, a library and even the gymnasium quickly come to mind.  Less iconic spaces in an educational facility include the washroom and locker room.  These particular areas are essential, high traffic rooms that require safe, sanitary, high performance flooring systems to ensure student wellbeing and also keep maintenance costs on budget.



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