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Fiberglass reinforced plastic, or FRP, offers many superior benefits when compared to traditional building materials such as steel, wood, or aluminum.  Unmatched slip resistance, non-conductive, light weight and fire retardant are just a few of the key safety benefits of FRP.

Here are 3 ways to improve the safety of your building with FRP:

Stairway Safety!  Provide a solid, slip resistant footing with FRP stair solutions. 

Covered TreadsCovered Stair Treads

Designed as an alternative to heavy, high-maintenance concrete or slippery metal steps, covered stair treads are designed for areas where slip resistance, aesthetic and low maintenance are important considerations.  Covered stair treads can perform well in many corrosive environments including salt, continuous moisture and constant cleaning. 

Stair Tread CoversStair Tread Covers

Provide a solid, slip resistant footing to existing treads that are still structurally sound with FRP stair tread covers, which can be installed over wood, concrete or metal steps. 

All Fibergrate stair treads are engineered to exceed OSHA and other model building code standards for safety, strength, durability, and corrosion resistance.

Rooftop CrossoversCross with confidence!

Whether you need a crossover ladder for a retaining wall or a walkover for a tank, we have a pre-engineered solution available in a variety of heights that address most standard clearances below the walkover.  

Pre-engineered crossover ladders are constructed utilizing FRP molded grating and stair treads, both with a meniscus surface providing superior slip resistance in most environments, including oily or wet conditions.  Structural components are used for the structure of the platform and guardrail with UV coating is also used, creating a durable, safer crossover. 

The corrosion resistant properties of FRP products will ensure your cross over will be in service for many years to come and require very little maintenance. 

LadderContain Your Climb!

Rooftop maintenance can require a safe access ladder system with the ability to also restrict use.  

FRP safety ladder and cage systems from Fibergrate meet or exceed OSHA requirements.  With safety features built in from the ground up, special clip angles have been developed to securely anchor the ladder.  Intermediate stand-off brackets laterally stabilize the ladder to the supporting structure and ladder rungs include heavily serrated flutes for slip resistant footholds.

The installation of an anti-climb gate can ensure additional security and prevent unauthorized access to the rooftop.

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