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The exterior façade of an office building, located on a busy street corner in Val-d’Or, Quebec, was beginning to show signs of weathering.  The porous concrete surface had allowed in moisture causing unsightly water stains and abrasion marks. 

Visual impressions are important for any building, and are a top priority for commercial spaces.   The building owners were concerned customers could be turned off by the degrading façade, so they looked to Carboline for the right solution.

With years of experience in abrasion and corrosion control, Carboline was able to provide a much needed facelift, making significant improvement to the building’s aesthetics.

Coatings Selection Explanation:

This project featured two products used in combination.  Carbocrylic 120 was chosen as the primer.  Its ability to persistently adhere to virtually any surface made Carbocrylic 120 an excellent choice to secure the bond.  Flexxide Elastomer, a waterborne acrylic, was then applied as the finish coat.  Due to its elongation ability and excellent durability, this product is more than sufficient to finish concrete and masonry surfaces.

The application of these products will prevent further water absorption, therefore preventing additional damage and ultimately eliminating the unsightly stains, creating a more pleasing store front visual.

Carboline is the technology leader for specialized requirements in architecture.  Learn more about the coatings and fireproofing systems designed for every type of architectural construction project here.



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