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Combining beauty, hard surface performance and high acoustical ratings

A large firm moved into a new downtown high-rise location. The entire office space was completely renovated and Friztile flexible terrazzo tile was specified by the Architect in the large copy rooms, inner office and file storage area.

Copy RoomSelected in Roman Gray, from the Classic Terrazzo Collection, this resilient terrazzo tile compliments the bright modern finishes of the office space beautifully.  The Classic Terrazzo Collection celebrates the style and dynamic texture of traditional terrazzo.  Natural stone chips are set in opaque, inert resin allowing the shear face of the stone to be visible.

Office Area

When designing any interior space, acoustical performance is an important consideration for every material chosen, especially the flooring.  Fritztile has been tested for acoustical values and boasts scores higher than many of the most common “quiet” flooring options.

Office File Storage

A unique alternative to poured-in-place terrazzo and other flooring options, Fritztile offers a stunning visual in a quiet, low maintenance tile format.  The tiles can also be custom coloured to create a one-of-a-kind-look. 

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