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Modular construction is a growing trend in the construction industry.  Although this method is certainly not new, advancements have made it a more common option for a diverse range of projects from hospitality and retail markets to multi unit residential buildings, and almost anything in between.

Expedited construction schedules, less waste and potential cost savings are just a few benefits making modular construction a popular option for many projects.  StonCor has a number of solutions that are ideal for off-site construction.

Seamless epoxy floor and wall systems, from Stonhard, can be installed quickly in a variety of formulations, all with unique benefits.  Our easy to clean floor and wall systems provide a sanitary environment with no joints or cracks to trap bacteria and dirt.  Slip resistant, chemical and stain resistant, Stonhard has seamless flooring options for any modular construction project. 

For modular construction projects where seamless floors are not an option, we also offer a variety of cork, cork core LVT, cork rubber, and flexible terrazzo tile flooring products, from Expanko.  These unique floors offer a range of features, including easy installation, long life, and outstanding acoustical performance.

Although constructed indoors, modular construction projects can require exterior coatings for corrosion protection and long-term weathering.  Carboline has a comprehensive line of problem solving technologies that have earned the trust and confidence of customers around the globe.  Whether the need is for corrosion protection, colour stability, weathering and more; Carboline delivers the right products.

For structural components, including rooftop maintenance access, ladders, handrail and platforms, Fibergrate provides safe, corrosion resistant, non conductive, fire retardant FRP options – all at a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel.  Let us demonstrate how our fifty years of experience and superior performance of Fibergrate’s FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) products can create the solution to your unique application and challenge.

To learn more about any of these products and how they can be incorporated into your next modular construction project, click here.



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