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When a historical Victorian townhome faced a challenge in retaining its 19th Century façade, StonCor CPG offered some strong solutions! 

Calibre Structures, in conjunction with McCulloch Movers, were challenged to retain the historical façades of 19th Century townhomes as part of an urban redevelopment project. This unique location, in the heart Toronto’s Bloor Yorkville neighborhood, is being converted to a commercial condominium.  The concept for the building blends the restored Victorian townhomes with a contemporary fritted glass tower, which will be constructed around the townhomes.

St Thomas OutsideThe structural strengthening which was designed by Sebberas Professional Service, specialists in the field of building movement and façade retention, utilized StonCor CarboComp Textile 300 and CarboComp 5800LPL SaturantCarboComp 5800BL Epoxy Adhesive was used as a leveling layer.

CarboComp was used to create “columns and beams” on the interior brick wall and was also used to distribute the loads around openings like doors, windows, and fireplaces.  External steel support structures were used to hold the façade in place during the construction process.

StonCor provided additional assistance with onsite testing and training for McCulloch Movers, who required the carbon fiber strengthening to be installed prior to being able to support the exterior of the building.

St Thomas AfterCarboComp Textile 300 is a unidirectional carbon fibre textile with strand oriented in longitudinal direction used to increase the bearing capacity of columns in bridges and buildings and the shear strength of beams.  This textile is adhered to the surface with CarboComp 5800LPL.

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