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As a customer approaches your business, first impressions are formed.  It is difficult to change these impressions once they are made.  Does your building’s entry area reflect a welcoming and professional environment? 

Let’s review 3 considerations for an aesthetically pleasing, safe and functional entry area.

1. Exterior Building Condition

It may seem obvious, but over time and exposure to the elements your building’s exterior may begin to show signs of age and weather.  Utilizing a high performance exterior coating will meet your exact aesthetic requirements while also adding value, longevity, design flexibility and corrosion protection. 

High performance coatings are designed to protect your building from corrosion, erosion, abrasion, weather and more.  Selecting the right coating for your building will provide value through improved appearance, improved ease of cleaning as well as contributing to improved structural integrity. 

We can help you identify, select and specify the right coating product for your facility. 

Front Walkway2. Walkways and Pathways

Has a season, or many seasons, of salting and plowing left your walkways and entrance looking a little worse for wear?  In addition to annual winter maintenance, your walkway will take abuse simply from being outside and exposed to the elements of every season.  

Over time, concrete can crack, spall, deteriorate and ultimately fail.  Because good looks are just as important as performance, a seamless, slip resistant, bonded natural aggregate system can ensure your walkway reflects the beauty of the outdoors.   StonWalk is ideally suited to outdoor areas subject to heavy footfalls and incorporates components obtained from rapidly renewable resources qualifying for LEED credits.  It also allows for the repair of surfaces that would otherwise be broken out and replaced.  

Dealership Floors

3. Reception Area, Lobby, Showroom Floors

Once a customer enters your building, the first impression continues to build.  Worn or deteriorating flooring can leave a less than desirable feeling.  Both form and function are vital when it comes to the flooring selection in your public spaces.

Seamless, long–wearing and easy to clean epoxy, urethane and MMA floors are designed to perform in commercial and industrial environments without sacrificing design and innovative vision.  Important characteristics including slip-resistance, ergonomics, resilience and gloss levels can be customized to suit your specific environment and area.   

Proper flooring selection will result in a cost-effective, reliable, easy to maintain product that will provide year-after-year performance.  Let us assist you in finding the best floor for your environment.

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