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A high-end vehicle dealership was undergoing a facility renovation project and was looking for a unique flooring solution in their New Vehicle Delivery Area that would blend high performance and durability with a splash of eye-catching aesthetics.


The Stonhard/Liquid Elements team recommended a system that would combine the seamless high performance flooring that Stonhard has built its reputation on with a new and innovative flooring line up – Liquid Elements, artfully poured floors.

In the majority of the New Vehicle Delivery Area, a system of Stonclad GS and Stonkote GS4 was installed.  A 10 by 20-foot section of Liquid Elements Glitz, Mineral Collection flooring was then placed to highlight new vehicles as they are presented to their owners. 

Delivery Area 2

This sparkly, high gloss floors glimmers and reflects from every angle, creating the perfect canvas to showcase the new vehicles.  Liquid Elements floors are ergonomic and ensure comfort underfoot.  It is easy to clean and scratch resistant to keep it fresh and glittering.



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