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The chemical processing industry is characterized by a number of operations from basic petroleum refining to the production of high grade chemicals. Plant assets are exposed to chemical and corrosive attack, and reliability, safety, compliance and efficiency are key priorities. 

Here are 3 reasons why you should select chemical resistant floor, walls, and linings for your facility:

1. Save Time and Money

Chemical attack can quickly take its toll on a facility and its assets.  Continually repairing and replacing floors, walls and linings as a result of this abuse can be costly both in the expense incurred and also in potential lost production time.  Chemical resistance extends the functional life of floors, walls and linings thereby saving time and money in replacing damaged materials.

2. Maintain Appearance

In addition to extending the life of your investment, chemical resistant floors and walls can help mitigate the impact of unsightly chemical stains.  Seamless chemical resistant floor and wall systems also offer ease of maintenance and easy cleanability.

3. Meet Environmental & Safety Standards

Appropriately selected chemical resistant linings ensure environmental and safety compliance in the case of tanks and containment areas.  Additionally, seamless chemical resistant floors can be designed with material properties to reduce slipperiness and increase traction – protecting employees and visitors. Slip resistant flooring protects against hazardous conditions where liquids or other materials may come in contact with the floor. 

Stonhard’s chemical resistant systems withstand years of abrasion, impact and spillage of industrial chemicals, while maintaining an attractive, cleanable and slip resistant surface.

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