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GEM is an ecologically friendly condominium development in the heart of Markham and is targeting “Net Zero Energy” which is defined as a building with net zero carbon emissions annually.  To achieve these goals, the development will incorporate a solar photovoltaic array to capture a significant proportion of the buildings energy consumption, communal electric vehicles and Greenlife Woods in association with Forests Ontario to plant 140,000 trees (317 per Condo unit).

GEM incorporates two levels of parking below the building. Due to construction scheduling, the parking levels were to be installed during November/December. The foundation, which incorporates the parking deck, is constructed using hollow core precast concrete beams with concrete toppings, laid onto structural concrete columns, shear walls and steel beams, many of which were insulated to reduce energy consumption.

With temperatures well below freezing, Del Ridge Construction provided heat to ensure that the challenging schedule of completion on December 22nd could be achieved. StonCor provided StonDeck Membrane Systems for the suspended slabs to approximately 55,000ft2.

Del Ridge 1

StonDeck is a solvent free parking deck waterproofing system, available in a number of grades to suite traffic density and durability. This engineered approach allowed StonCor to tailor application to achieve maximum durability and cost-efficiency for this prestigious development.

Del Ridge 2

StonCor prepared the concrete surfaces using an in-house Blastrac crew and detailed all joints and cracks with polyurethane caulking and StonDeck Membrane prior to application of the StonDeck Waterproofing systems.

The parking decks are configured with the stalls contained between shear walls and the drive lanes, turning areas and connecting ramps running between, as such we were able to offer a bespoke deck waterproofing solution based on StonDeck FD2 for the stalls, XD2 for the drive lanes and XD3 for internal ramps.

The StonDeck installation was delivered on time and on budget.

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