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Martin Collegiate High School, located in the Rosemont/Mount Royal neighbourhood in the north end of Regina, Saskatchewan, contracted StonCor Group to resurface flooring in order to repurpose a motor mechanic lab into a fitness lab.

The Challenge
An old motor mechanic classroom was to be converted into a physical fitness training area. Many decades of use meant numerous issues needed to be addressed, including removal of old coatings, filling of sumps and pits and old hydraulic zones, prior to installing a level floor suitable for this new environment.

The Solution
StonCor prepared the floor by Blastrac to remove the old coatings. The floor was primed with an epoxy primer, then aggregate was broadcast to provide the desired mechanical key. Finally, a leveling layer of StonFlow was applied to achieve the desired flatness. The floor was available for foot traffic 2 hours after installation, and the new sports floor was installed 2 days later. StonFlow Commercial is a special blend of fast-curing cements designed to provide a working surface quickly and efficiently, ensuring an ideal level surface for finishes such as carpet, vinyl and tile.



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