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When Niagara Falls’ Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! began plans for the first major renovation since opening in the 1960’s, it was quickly decided that the entire museum would receive a massive makeover.  In addition to a totally revamped interior and new hands-on exhibit space, the lobby plans included a unique artistic design for the floor. 

Keeping with the theme of “oddities”, the designer wanted the floor to look like it was cracking open, exposing deeper layers of molten lava.


The Stonhard team recommended LiquidElements Polished flooring system for this unique application.  The LiquidElements brand is brought to you by the global leader in the commercial and industrial polymer flooring market, Stonhard.

To achieve the desired visual effect, once the seamless epoxy flooring system was applied, a custom pattern was hand-taped and airbrushed on the floor, bringing the designer’s vision to life.  Polished, when applied traditionally, combines the urban toughness of concrete with a smart, contemporary mottled look.  Decorative stains combined with quartz aggregate create a varied, lightly textured surface, and a floor that rivals its competition in both appearance and performance.

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