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Bick’s Pickles supplies pickles and condiments worldwide and has a manufacturing facility in Dunville, Ontario.  This plant produces over 125 varieties of pickles and condiments. 

Due to the exposure to high humidity and organic acid vapours, the manufacturing plant had experienced problems with corrosion.  The galvanized ceiling in the production facility was corroding on the ceiling joints and structural beams.  The ceiling needed to be repaired within a 12-day time frame and not interfere with the processing areas.

Coating Selection Explanation:

The solution was to double wrap the stainless steel production line and use hanging tarps to block the sandblasting from the processing areas. After observing the situation and ensuring that the blast media did not escape the closed area, the facility management team was pleased with the proposed solution and production continued.

The preparation to repair the ceiling was a commercial blast on the structural steel.  A brush off blast cleaning was done on the galvanized ceiling deck where there was no existing iron oxide rust.  In heavily rusted areas, spot prime on the galvanized deck was done with Carboguard 890 and then topcoated with Carboguard 890 over an 18,000 square foot area.

The Applicator was able to complete the project within 10 days and the repairs did not interfere with the processing lines.

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