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THE CHALLENGE: A leading Canadian wine producer was working on a cellar expansion project of approximately 15,600 square feet, including 600 feet of coving.  They had a specific aesthetic vision in mind and strongly desired to move away from the traditional philosophy of cellars being a dark, industrial and monotone environment. In addition to requiring outstanding chemical and stain resistance, the client wanted to combine high performance with unique aesthetics. Wine cellars can be especially challenging due to the acids found in wine spills, and with the caustics used to routinely clean the floors. 

THE STONHARD SOLUTION: The Stonhard team recommended a custom system that would meet all of the specified requirements. In addition, combining the HRI base with the Stonseal CA7 allowed for a more cost-effective solution Stonshield HRI provides an aesthetically pleasing, slip resistant surface that is also durable, chemical resistant and easy to clean. Stonseal CA7 sealer hardens to an attractive gloss finish and is formulated to increase abrasion and chemical resistance.


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