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Seafood and fish processing facilities must adhere to standards that ensure the quality and safety of products processed in Canada. Here are some common facility maintenance problems found in fish and seafood plants and how to address them: 

Flooring Cracks

Cracks and joints can harbour bacteria in fish processing facilities and are a focus of both internal and external audits. We properly address and repair expansion joints, control joints and almost any type of crack that your facility would encounter.

Pooling Water

Pooling water in fish facilities is a top issue for the CFIA.  StonCor solves this issue by using high performance materials to fill holes and slope floors to direct water to drains rather than have it pool.  Sloping reduces the need to have employees squeegeeing for extended periods, thus, saving costs.

Trench Repairs

The first area of concrete to break down in high volume fish plants is at the trench.  We can repair these areas and provide a long lasting solution so maintenance requirements can be reduced in this challenging spot.

Fast Concrete Repairs

During fishing season, fish plants cannot afford to shut down for repairs.  We have concrete repair products and engineered solutions available so that repairs can be completed in as quickly as 1 hour, which means less time lost due to maintenance. 


FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) grating is chemically resistant and because it will not rust or corrode, it is the preferred grating choice in fish plants.  It is also 70% lighter than standard steel grating, so it is easier to move and clean. 


Fibergrate designs, manufactures and can provide consulting services for any FRP stairway, platform or other structure you may want to build in a high moisture environment.  Why choose FRP vs stainless steel? FRP will not corrode, is non-conductive, and is 70% lighter that steel making installation easier.

Wall Systems

Creating a fully seamless plant allows owners to reduce the risk of bacteria hiding in seams in existing plastic wall systems as well as keeping moisture from behind the walls.  With Sanitile and Stonglaze wall systems, we can provide a fully seamless wall system that is designed to hold up to the high moisture conditions of fish plants.



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