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In addition to producing a delicious product, the wine making process also creates an aggressive environment that requires high performance solutions.  Exposure to the acids found in wine spills, and the caustics used to meet stringent food safety and sanitation requirements, can take its toll on the floors, walls and structures within these facilities.  

Wineries have also become commercial facilities where tours can happen daily, and events such as weddings and other functions occur regularly making the aesthetics of the facility just as important as the performance features.


We offer a full range of solutions suited perfectly to the wine making industry.  From the floors in the cellar, press and bottling areas to the boutiques, restaurants and washrooms, Stonhard has a system that will meet the demands of this unique environment.  Chemical, abrasion and slip resistance, good looks and easy cleanability – Stonhard has a flooring solution for every area within a winery.

Fibergrate’s fiberglass reinforced plastic products offer many superior features and benefits when compared to materials traditionally found in wineries, such as steel, wood and aluminum.  FRP products are a safe, corrosion resistant and low maintenance solution for platforms, trench grating, walkways, stairways, handrails and processing lines.  FRP products offer unmatched slip-resistance, are non-conductive and light weight and has a long service life, outlasting traditional materials 2-4 times or more than expected.

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When high performance, corrosion resistant, CFIA approved coatings are required, even for use on direct and indirect food contact surfaces, Carboline is the industry leader.  Our coatings systems are engineered to provide excellent resistance to rigorous steam cleaning, high pressure washing and decontamination in the most acidic and caustic environments.


While protecting and enhancing the interior areas of a winery is extremely important, don’t overlook the exterior space as this significantly contributes to the overall first impression.  StonWalk is natural stone grip system designed to provide a naturally beautiful, seamless and safe environment in outdoor spaces.  This unique exterior surface also allows for the repair of areas that would normally be broken out, reducing waste.

StonCor provides total system solutions for wineries!



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