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A company specializing in mobile radio wireless communications networks needed to add a rooftop antenna shroud/platform to the top of an existing galvanized steel HVAC equipment shed. 

It was imperative for the new rooftop antenna shroud to meet local bylaws, and also blend in with the existing galvanized steel structure while offering RF transparency.

After the original antenna shroud design was commissioned, Fibergrate was selected to provide custom design details, engineered stamped drawings and on-site support.

Fibergrate’s custom shroud solution was chosen as an ideal shroud material as it is RF transparent, allowing for minimal attenuation loss from the antennas sitting behind the FRP shroud. The platform grating material inside the shroud was also provided in FRP due to its non-slip surface and corrosion resistance to outdoor elements.

The Consultant, General Contractor and wireless communication network provider were all thrilled with the final product and the near perfect match in colour and material dimensions to the existing galvanized steel HVAC shroud.

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