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To read more about our work with Canadian Blood Services, please click here to read our Case Study.

Canadian Blood Services operates central storage locations throughout Canada.  These facilities can present a unique flooring challenge, especially in the cooler areas where moisture can permeate the concrete slab or below grade slabs. Moisture can cause flooring systems, installed over concrete, to fail.  Stonhard was called upon to install an appropriate seamless flooring system in a blood storage location in Ontario.

The Stonhard team recommended using Stonfil OP2 to solve any potential moisture problems.  Stonfil OP2 is a three-component, polymer modified, cementitious, osmotic pressure resistant grout used in conjunction with all Stonhard flooring systems. Stonfil OP2 is specifically designed to eliminate osmotic blistering of floors caused by excess moisture occurring in slabs on or below grade.

Stonclad UT was also used in the cooler area of this facility.  This high impact resistant mortar exhibits excellent abrasion resistance, thermal shock, thermal cycling and chemical resistant characteristics, making it the ideal solution for this particular area.

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