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Facility managers and administrators face a number of challenges creating and maintaining healthcare environments.  Durability, safety and ease of maintenance are essential requirements in day-to-day wellness operations.  Often, timing is also a top priority and systems that can be installed without affecting maintenance schedules or interfering with patient care are vital.

Seamless flooring systems offer an obvious advantage, as seamless simply means cleaner.  With seamless floors, there are no joints or cracks to trap dirt and bacteria. The ability to vary the degree of texture on the surface is also a key benefit, as safety is an extremely important consideration and slips and falls should not be a concern.

Here are our top recommendations for some specific areas within a Hospital (these are product recommendations only):

Lobbies/Atriums, Hallways, Nursing Stations, Labs, Cafeterias, Patient Rooms:


Operating Rooms, Sterile Fields:

operating room



Mechanical Rooms

mechanical room

These are product recommendations only.  Stonhard manufactures and installs systems to meet specific application needs.  Please contact us at 800.263.3112 for precise, specialized applications, product information and samples. Visit us at



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Power  /  6
Recreation  /  7
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