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Recent trends in retirement home design indicate a move towards the use of higher end looking materials to create a modern, hotel inspired aesthetic.  CorkCore | LVT is a unique combination of Luxury Vinyl Tile and natural cork.  The result is a highly durable, quiet and easy to maintain flooring solution ideally suited to the multi-residential units, and common/social spaces found in retirement communities.

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The benefits of using CorkCore | LVT rather than carpet, which is traditionally found in retirement home suites, include thermal insulation, durability, exceptional sound absorption and a reduction of allergens.  The revolutionary compression system utilized in this flooring product takes full advantage of the outstanding properties of cork – flexibility, elasticity, and compressibility.

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The waterproof boards will not swell when exposed to water contributing to the durability and longevity of this flooring option.  Maintenance requirements include the use of a mild detergent, vacuum or floor duster for easy daily/weekly cleaning.  Finally, the installation process is quick and easy with no additional finishes or vapour barriers required, making it a perfect choice for renovation projects.

LVT_Reception _resizeTo learn more about the benefits of replacing carpet and laminate with CorkCore | LVT in any area of a retirement residence community, and other multi-residential buildings, please visit us at or call 800-263-3112.



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