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As part of the MTO 2016-2019 contract for the renewal of highway infrastructure, Five Star Centricast was utilised to complete the refurbishment of a 48” diameter by 400’ long corrugated steel pipe culvert.  

pipe_beforeThe corrugated steel pipe culvert, is located in Ancaster, Ontario,  is used to direct run off water from a local catch basin under highway 403. This particular culvert had areas of deterioration at one end, where it had corroded through.  Spanning approximately 12 lanes of highway, and located some 5 meters below road level, access to the culvert was via a small local side road abutting the Bruce Trail.

pipe_internal_closeupFive Star Centricast Repair Mortar allowed Edgewater Sewer Services to fully restore the culvert in situ.  Side road access to the culvert prevented traffic disruption, lane closures and increased expense.

centricastThe corrugated steel pipe was prepared using high-pressure water to remove all dirt and debris from the interior of the pipe.  This was followed by two passes of Centricast Repair Mortar applied to the surface using a 5000 RPM RFI Spincaster fed from a Putzmeister 15 cubic yard piston pump.  The Centricast was applied on concurrent days to provide the desired thickness of liner designed to both seal and repair the existing pipe and provided a durable, corrosion resistant liner.

pipe_internalThis is one of a number of projects being carried out for the MTO on Hwy 403, in addition to Hwy’s 401, 115 and 60. 

Centricast is a range of restoration mortars and products used for the refurbishment of corrugated steel pipe and concrete culverts.  These mortars are cast in situ and therefore allow for the restoration and repair of liners without having to resort to costly and disruptive digging.



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