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Ever wondered where your letter to Santa ends up once you have thoughtfully made your list and placed it in the mailbox?  It arrives in Santa’s Mailroom at the North Pole of course!!!

In order to ensure that each and every letter is received, processed and replied to, Santa’s Mailroom must be both festive and functional.  Since the elves use forklifts, pallet jacks and wheeled carts to shuttle the letters from station to station, the floors are continually subjected to impact and abrasion.   

Santa had been using vinyl composite tile flooring in the mailroom and noticed that it always seemed in need of replacement.  So, he called on Stonhard to come up with a flooring solution that would keep things running smoothly and minimize downtime to make certain that no letters or children’s wishes were overlooked!


The Stonhard Team provided an ideal solution with a system of Stonclad GS with two coats of Stonkote GS4.  Stonclad GS is a general service epoxy system for environments requiring superior impact and abrasion resistance.   This system cures to an extremely hard mortar, which exhibits excellent wear properties.  Yellow safety lines were also applied to make sure the elves and heavy equipment were safe while processing each magical piece of mail. 

To minimize any disruption to the elves and their extremely important work, the troweling and installation of the new flooring system took place during the little helper’s downtime - between 4pm Saturday to 6am Sunday morning.

Now Santa’s Mailroom is festive, functional, merry and bright! To learn more, please visit us at



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