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Since 1983, an industrial/commercial sandblasting and painting company has been operating according to the highest industry standards.  With the latest technologies and advanced equipment, their facility only selects the best solutions and extending the life of its dust collector was no exception.

With maximized efficiency as a focus, it is critical for the equipment to operate at peak performance for as long as possible.  The visual appearance of the dust collector made it apparent that corrosion control was necessary in order to sustain the life of the equipment.

Carboline, a leading global supplier of industrial high performance coatings, was the obvious choice for this project.  Carboline offered a coating solution formulated with particular attention to chemical resistance and ease of handling.  Plasite 7122 is an abrasion resistant tank lining and industrial maintenance coating.  This coating selection will ensure the interior of the dust collector remains resilient to the harsh fumes it comes in contact with.

InsideTo improve the dust collector’s exterior resistance to outdoor elements and chemical impact, Carboguard 890 and Carbothane 8845 were chosen. Carboguard is a highly chemical resistant epoxy coating with exceptional versatility.  Its ability to adhere tightly to rust makes it a perfect choice as an exterior coating.  Using Carbothane 8845 as a finish coat guarantees resistance to impact, marring, abrasion and staining.  The combination of these two coatings left the dust collector both aesthetically pleasing and well protected.

Carboline’s products are designed to satisfy customers’ needs by protecting assets from the effects of corrosion, erosion, abrasion, physical abuse and weathering, with an overall contribution to improved fabrication and structural integrity.

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