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An industrial plant providing liquid natural gas (LNG) to residential and commercial customers was expanding capacity and required a fireproofing solution for 9 process vessels.  The increase in demand for LNG, and the added market for Compressed Natural Gas to run commercial fleets of trucks and equipment, led to this expansion project. 

The 9 process vessels needed a fireproofing solution that would provide a one-hour rating in accordance with UL 1709 Hydro-Carbon Fire, as well as a sixty-minute rating in accordance with ISO 22891-1 for Jet Fire exposures. 

The steel vessel exteriors were prepared to an SSPC SP10 Near-White Blast, and an SSPC SP16 Brush-Off Blast cleaning of the stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals on the stainless steel vessels.  

The vessels then received 1 coat of Carboguard 893 SG Polyamide Epoxy.  After priming, Pyroclad X1 was spray applied using plural spray equipment with a High Temp Mesh being laid out at about 2/3 of the way into the resins to increase the integrity of the system.  

This process was followed by the application of the remaining mils of Pyroclad X1, and then finished with a topcoat of Carbothane 134 HG for the final colour and UV resistance.  The combined thickness was 396 mils (10mm) of Pyroclad X1.

Carboline has experience with many industrial fireproofing projects throughout the world, including the use of cementitious and intumescent fireproofing materials.  Call your nearest Carboline Fireproofing Specialist today for more information



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