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Tough environments require the toughest flooring and lining solutions.  Chemical, abrasion and impact resistant seamless formulations protect against corrosive attack, high traffic and high temperature exposure.

Power generation plants require high performance seamless flooring systems that can stand up to chemical and abrasive abuse while also handling rigorous cleaning regimes – all while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic.  With a wide range of demands in a variety of areas, Stonhard has a floor for every environment.

For industrial applications, the Stonclad family includes a variety of seamless epoxy flooring systems that offer serious protection for heavy-duty environments.  These systems provide outstanding impact and abrasion resistant qualities under the most demanding conditions.  Chemical resistance assures durability and longevity. 

Stonclad GS is a troweled epoxy mortar system that cures to an extremely hard, impact resistant surface.  Exhibiting excellent abrasion, wear and chemical resistance, this flooring system can be used anywhere an epoxy mortar is required.  To maximize cleanability and further increase the resistance to damage from abrasion and chemical spillages, we recommend using Stonkote GS4 and Stonkote HT4 coatings.  High visibility safety lines can also be easily incorporated using these coating systems. 

For applications such as change rooms, offices, and break rooms, Stonhard offers a variety of seamless flooring options depending on the performance requirements and desired aesthetic.

Clad Power

Safe, easy to clean, with visual appeal and design flexibility the Stonshield line-up offers superior performance.  Ultra slip resistant surfaces ensure protection from slips and falls - making safety a top priority.  Stonshield HRI is a durable flooring system with a decorative, slip-resistant surface.  Its troweled base provides superior impact resistance and allows Stonshield HRI to be applied over rough substrates.  The colour quartz broadcast topshield layer results in an attractive floor surface that is textured for safety. 

Dense and stain resistant, the Stontec family is offered in an extensive range of finishes and colour options.  Stontec floor minimize downtime for renovations and save critical path time on new construction projects.  Stontec EFC is a decorative, seamless flooring system and is ideally suited to light manufacturing, laboratory, lunchroom, change room, hallway and office applications. 

Stontec - Power

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