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The Challenge

Black & McDonald required a high strength and fast cure grouting solution for the “base can” of the Vestas V100 turbines being installed on this Scotian Windfields ComFit Community Windfarm Project. Due to the scheduling of the installation in November and December, Black & MacDonald were looking for a product offering high early strengths to facilitate the program schedule with minimal heating.


The Solution

StonCor Group was able to provide test data supporting the strength development of Five Star HP Epoxy Grout (High Flow) when cured at 13ºC. This enabled Black & McDonald to plan and execute the grout installation within the required project timetable without resorting to extensive and expensive heating and hoarding. 

Typical PreparationThe Vestas specification for the V100 turbines called for the grout to be installed between the “base can” and foundation to achieve a minimum strength of 75Mpa prior to stacking the remaining tower segments, nacelle and blades. The on-site testing confirmed that Five Star HP Epoxy Grout typically exceeded this at 24 hours (average strength >100Mpa), allowing for efficient crane utilization and project progress despite the challenging site conditions, which included high winds, snow and low temperatures.

InstallationIn addition to the exceptional product performance, Five Star HP Epoxy Grout also offered Black & McDonald significant environmental advantages, including a unique low dust formulation, which when coupled with the ability to clean mixing equipment and tools with soap and water (thus reducing the need for solvents) offered a compelling all around package.

Typical Installation

HP Epoxy Grout is a high performance expansive, non-shrink, epoxy system for supporting equipment requiring precision alignment. HP Epoxy Grout is a three component, 100% solids, solvent-free system formulated to exhibit high early strength combined with superior creep resistance at elevated temperatures. HP Epoxy Grout exhibits positive expansion when tested in accordance with ASTM C 827.

Typical After

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