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Fibergrate has led the revolution in structural products, away from maintenance intensive metals and heavy reinforced concrete products, towards the use of advanced composites. Our FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) components are electromagnetically transparent, non-conductive and corrosion resistant, making FRP ideal for power market applications. 

Fibergrate sets the standard for high performance composite structures for Electrical and Utility Providers with non-conductive solutions for access areas, trench covers, guardrails, platforms and more. 

Power 3Reducing the amount of conductivity within a hydro facility can be challenging but Fibergrate can help by replacing metal and steel with FRP components and structures.  Fibergrate provides FRP busbar insulators, doors, fences, beams and roofs for electrical utilities that are non-conductive, non-corrosive and lightweight. 

While non-conductive FRP materials offer an obvious advantage to hydro facilities, the non-corrosive attributes are a bonus for maintenance in wet climates as moisture can present its own challenges and problems. 

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FRP Platforms and Catwalks

Fibergrate’s turnkey approach to providing custom platform and catwalk solutions include design, fabrication and installation services.  Our custom FRP platforms can be designed to meet the unique requirements found in various markets, and are an outstanding alternative to aluminum and steel. 

Power 4Custom designed platforms can include stairs, handrails, ladders and even the structural components for the entire platform.  For more the 40 years, Fibergrate has manufactured everything from simple portable workstations to multifaceted platforms.  To learn more about Fibergrate’s diverse range of FRP products and applications, please visit our website.



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