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Part 1 of 5 - Entrance Solutions

It is commonly said that you have 7 seconds to make a first impression. Your building’s entrance, both exterior and interior, can speak volumes about your facility and business.  From cracked and chipped concrete walkways to worn and tired looking lobbies, StonCor can help ensure you don’t need a 2nd chance to make a first impression.

Exterior concrete walkways and entrance areas deteriorate over time, and can be damaged by salt attack.  Stonwalk, from StonCor Construction Products Group, is a seamless, slip-resistant bonded natural aggregate grip system used to surface outdoor areas and repair and enhance exterior concrete. 

Used on outdoor walkways, building entrances, concrete refurbishment, patios and public areas, Stonwalk is extremely durable and completely UV stable, offering a perfect combination of performance and beauty. 

On the interior of your facility, dull and worn flooring can often be the result of the wrong material specified for a certain area.  Vinyl composite tile, sheet vinyl and linoleum are often used and aren’t always the ideal materials, especially in high traffic areas.  Studies analyzing life cycle costs rank epoxy as one of the best materials in limiting long-term cost, despite the increase in initial cost.

Seamless epoxy flooring systems, from Stonhard, are easy to clean and maintain and are designed with the planner in mind, offering limitless design possibilities.  Stonhard floors are safe, with textured surfaces that protect against slip and fall accidents.  To learn more, visit and 

Stayed tuned to learn how StonCor is protecting every area of your building.



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