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Balconies are an extension of your living space and allow maximum enjoyment of the outdoors, especially during the warm spring and summer months.  They can be a valuable renting or selling feature when residents don’t have access to yard space.  However, balconies can also be a maintenance nightmare for property management companies due the recurring upkeep and replacement requirements caused by exposure to outdoor environmental conditions. 

Many property managers are searching for a balcony solution that is both cost-effective and low maintenance.  Fibergrate was able to offer such a solution to a property management company in Ontario.

The existing balconies of an apartment rental property consisted of both single and double-sized configurations.  They were made from a solid cement slab base and steel barriers and handrails.  This composition made it difficult for rainwater and melted snow to drain properly and resulted in water damage and unsightly stains on the brick exterior of the building.  Additionally, the steel barriers and handrails were prone to rust and required routine sanding, repainting and eventual replacement.

After considering all of the environmental and structural factors, Fibergrate developed a solution to replace all 62 existing balconies.  The new balconies were comprised of a covered FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) grating base, and a customized FRP handrail system.  To address the drainage issues, small slots were included around the perimeter of the base.  The double-sized balconies were given an FRP divider for separation and privacy. 

The new FRP balconies give the property a clean and fresh appearance while also being virtually maintenance free.  To discover all of the FRP solutions Fibergrate can offer property managers, please visit us at



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