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StonCor recently supplied Rapid Surface Repair Easy Mix for repairs to this 400-series highway encircling the GTA. The pavement design is predominantly concrete and a number of defects and spalls have developed over the 20-year service life.  This includes damaged concrete at joints, pavement edges and from removal of reflective pavement markers.


With an average daily trip count of 350,000 vehicles, repairs are scheduled at night to coincide with off peak traffic flow and must be safely prepared, installed and ready to receive traffic within this narrow window of opportunity to minimize disruption.


The Solution:

Rapid Surface Repair Easy Mix is a self-levelling, rapid cure, resilient polymer concrete designed to provide a high performance, rapid setting repair that can be traffic ready in as little as 30 minutes.


Highway Repair

Rapid Surface Repair Easy Mix was placed into the prepared repair areas, and despite temperatures of only 5ºC, allowed the highway to be fully reopened quickly and efficiently.

Highway Repair 3

Rapid Surface Repair Easy Mix is designed for application over a wide range of temperatures and can be used in both asphaltic and concrete pavements.  It is available in convenient kits, which yield 11 L (0.41ft3)

Highway Repair 2



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