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The aluminum grating in the entrance way of an Ontario recreational facility was damaged and creating a trip hazard.  The facility required a new grating solution that would provide slip resistance and withstand corrosion while allowing the drainage of water, snow, salt and sand into the concrete pan below.

Grating - Pan

Fibergrate designed and supplied a new light weight grating system, utilizing Aqua Grate® pultruded pedestrian grating, which is specifically designed to withstand the corrosive conditions found at the entrances to recreational facilities while meeting ADA guidelines.

Grating - After

The existing concrete under the grating was also deteriorating, so Fibergrate joined with Stonhard, a division of the StonCor Group, to create a customized solution to rebuild the concrete pan, and provide improved support for the new entrance way grating.  The concrete pan was thoroughly cleaned and prepared prior to the installation of Stonclad GS epoxy mortar system.  The Aqua Grate® grating, outfitted with rubber feet, was then dropped into the new pan.

Stonhard Pan

Fibergrate was able to address all of the customer’s concerns while creating a customized entrance way grating solution that will offer years of low cost, low maintenance service.

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