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The Royal Glenora Club, located in the heart of Edmonton’s River Valley, is a premiere sport and social club, which originally opened in 1961.  Members enjoy a wide range of activities at this facility, including swimming, skating, fitness, badminton, tennis and more!


There were a number of flooring failure issues that had occurred over time in the aquatic centre area of this large recreation facility.  The pool deck required a complete replacement that would combine aesthetics with functionality.  The return drains and surge tanks were in need of a replacement system that could withstand the harsh environmental challenges present in this area.


The Stonhard team recommended Stonshield HRI for the pool deck area and a system of Stonclad GS and Stonkote HT4 for the return drains and surge tanks.  The Stonshield product line is designed to provide an attractive, slip resistant surface.  HRI is ideal for heavy duty applications over rough or deteriorated concrete.  Stonclad GS is a high performance general service epoxy system.  Stonkote HT4 is specifically formulated to provide outstanding protection from a wide range of chemicals while increasing abrasion resistance, impermeability and cleanability.

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