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One of Canada’s largest extreme sports centres opened in the Spring of 2009. Dedicated to the practice of recreational inline skating, skateboarding and BMX this facility was built to accommodate beginners as well as professional athletes.


Performance demands and attention-grabbing visuals were both important considerations when selecting the finishes for this unique rec centre. Due to the aggressive nature of this indoor extreme sports facility, it was vital that the flooring system provide high performance durability, special adhesion for wheeled traffic, and a high degree of aesthetic appeal.

Stonhard selected a system comprised of Stonset PM5, Stonkote GS4, and Stoncrest GS3. Used to permanently patch and repair horizontal, vertical and overhead voids, Stonset PM5 is a fast-setting epoxy patching mortar. Stonkote GS4 is a general service epoxy coating formulated to increase abrasion and chemical resistance while improving cleanability.  Stoncrest GS3 is also a chemical and abrasion resistant coating and is available in clear and pigmented versions.


High performance and awesome visuals truly go hand in hand at this extreme sports centre!



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