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Stonhard seamlessly connects air travelers with a busy transportation hub!

A pedestrian bridge connecting airport parking and a busy terminal link train required a new flooring system that could withstand heavy foot traffic.   

The existing vinyl floors were deteriorating and the compound found under the vinyl was rapidly decaying.  This deterioration had begun to result in cracks and potholes, creating a trip hazard for pedestrians.

The Stonhard team recommended a strong, durable system that would offer high performance features while also allowing continued use of the space.  Stonproof CT5 and Stonshield HRI were installed in a staggered process allowing access to the bridge throughout the entire flooring installation project.

Stonproof CT5 is designed exclusively for use in the isolation of dynamic cracks.  This crack treatment system has excellent adhesion and hardness to handle high traffic areas. 

Stonshield HRI is a thick, durable flooring system that is long-lasting, stylized and easy to clean.  It provides superior performance with an ultra-slip resistant surface, ensuring protection from slips and falls.  Aesthetically, Stonshield offers unlimited design capabilities and is available in a wide range of patterns and colours.

To view all of the Stonshield colour choices and application photos, click here.



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