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A busy international airport was dealing with cracking, holes and loose material on a variety of taxiways, taxi lanes and other trafficked surfaces. This was a serious problem requiring a permanent solution.

In-pavement or inset lights have specific uses and different colours to signify their purpose along runways and taxiways. Just as on runways and other surfaces, a variety of stresses affect the pavement in which the lights are installed. Stresses on runways and taxiways are imposed by dynamic impact; by static, torsional and hydraulic loads; by temperature differentials; and by abrasion and corrosion.

Five Star Products met with the maintenance department to review the issues and determine the best repair solution. Following a thorough assessment, Five Star Products’ technical experts conducted patch tests on several taxiways by applying Five Star Rapid Surface Repair Easy Mix.

Based on the test results, RSR Easy Mix was approved for use. RSR Easy Mix provided a permanent bond eliminating FOD (foreign object debris) which can be sucked into airplane turbines or shoot across runways. It does not require any primer— an advantage since most existing primers do not adhere well to asphalt.

RSR Easy Mix worked superbly on surface areas and the in-ground lighting systems and continues to be applied as the solution for surface repair.

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