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This new facility had improved its old capacity with a total production of 4,050 cubic meters of water per day, compared to the capacity of 1,035 cubic meters per day by the old water treatment plant.

As the costs associated with many new build projects often rise above original budgets, it was imperative that the flooring system used in this new water treatment plant be both high performing and cost-effective.  Water treatment plants present a number of construction challenges and Stonhard was called upon to offer a variety of solutions that would perform in this demanding environment.

WWT_Shield _HRI_1Stonhard recommending using Stonshield HRI in the main pump area, Stonkote GS4 in the electrical room, stairwells and some corridors.  Stonchem 830 was used on the floors in the chemical storage rooms, while Stonglaze VSR was used on the walls and ceiling in this area.

Stonshield HRI is a durable seamless flooring system that has no joints or seams to harbor dirt and bacteria, and offer superior impact resistance.  Stonkote GS4 is a general service epoxy coating formulated to increase abrasion and chemical resistance while improving cleanability.


Stonchem 830 provides a heavy duty barrier against chemical attack and abrasion with excellent resistance to a broad range of acids, alkalies and solvents, including superior resistance to strong organic acids.  Stonglaze VSR is a high performance, high solids, high gloss, pigmented wall system, which is formulated to provide long-term protection to vertical surfaces.  Curing to a hard, tile-like finish, Stonglaze VSR exhibits excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.

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